• Duration

    9 AM – 4 PM

  • Location

    Rio Chico – Rocafuerte – Sosote

  • Difficulty Level

    Easy to Moderate

  • Price

    2 -3 people: $175 p.p.

    4-5 people: $125 p.p.

    6-7 people: $100 p.p.

    8-10 people: $95 p.p.

    Please inquiry for larger group rates

    (Local currency USD.)

What to expect

With this excursion, you will have the opportunity to get in touch not only with the beautiful hinterland of the region of Manabi and with its natural riches but also with the wonderful community of “Los Ebanitos”

The evocative landscape covered with coconut palms that characterizes the area will immerse you into the knowledge of the people of the community, who will communicate their story and way of living.

This journey that explores the authenticity of the culture and the customs of Manabi was carried out on the basis of a CISP project, an NGO that collaborates with the European Union in the development of the difficult realities of different populations around the world with objectives of solidarity and of cooperation.

In April 2016, the region of Manabi was damaged by a strong earthquake and in this context, the CISP played a fundamental role and its help persists even after three years through its project ” Mujeres: Women Organized for a Resilient and Inclusive Ecuadorian Coast” in a project that aims to strengthen the organizational and operational capacity of some women’s organizations spread throughout the region.

The objective is to strengthen the local economy by bringing income thanks to the products that these local companies produce, sell, and market.

Come and live this sustainable tourism route.

Because behind every fruit and every product there is a person, there is his work, there is his love!

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What´s Included

  • Bottled water
  • All entrance and activities fees
  • Cruise Terminal / Hotel pick up and drop off (You would have to take the free shuttle bus to Cruise Terminal)
  • Professional Local Guide (Spanish, English, German or French).
  • Lunch and a sample of sweets
  • *Does not include gratuities

Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel at least 7 calendar days in advance, there is no cancellation fee
  • If you cancel between 3 and 6 calendar days in advance, you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee
  • If you cancel within 2 calendar days in advance, you will be charged a 100% cancellation fee
  • For cruise ship travelers: If the ship doesn´t dock due to inclement weather conditions, political matters, or covid-19 related reasons, there is no cancellation fee

The itinerary

Scenic Drive

from Manta to Rocafuerte you pass through a dry forest ecosystem, where you will see trees like the “ceibo” the emblem of the Province of Manabí. The colors of the forest change from a hazel color in the summer to a bright green color during rainy winters. Between Rocafuerte and Riochico we begin to find the majestic and imposing coconut crops, an agro-ecosystem that is full of life and beauty.

Los Ebanitos Community & CISP Project

We arrive in the community of Los Ebanitos, it is unique and it is just waiting to be discovered.

Here the coconut plantations stand out, and the territory is rich with the multitude of products that the earth offers. The NGO CISP is supporting this community to ensure that it can grow to its potential, particularly enhancing women’s work for a future social perspective of equality between men and women.

As a result of both a flood and an earthquake, both of which took place in April 2016, only after few days this wonderful NGO has pledged itself to support this community both with the reconstruction of some houses and with the creation of the Asococoebanitos society, which aims to raise the community at both in economic and social levels.

It’s a community that holds a story.

An Introduction to the Community by Don Hipólito

We immediately immerse ourselves in the small reality of a farmer who lives in this community. Don Hipólito, who will be happy to accompany travelers to discover the community history and share his personal story.

The farmers and their crops

You then go through the marvelous estate of Don Gabriel, an important part of the community of Los Ebanitos. This “finca” is so rich in products such as the cultivation of coconut associated with plantain, manioc, and many other interesting crops.

These plantations are arranged in a *hill, that you would walk at a slow pace, while the farmer explains to you the different cropping system they use. In the upper part, you can admire the characteristic panorama of coconut palms.  A relaxing time for the traveler, drinking a natural drink in contact with nature and with the typical habitat of native people, who have so much to share.

*For travelers with mobility problem we would visit a farm with flat terrain.

Empowered women and the final products

After a spectacular summit view, it will be possible to go down and head towards a small space organized for visits. The ladies of the community will be happy to explain the process of making oils and other products they make with coconut. Here the tourists will have the chance not only to taste their specialties but also to take home some of their typical products as a testimony of a completely unique and unforgettable experience.

Local Lunch and Typical Sweets At Rocafuerte

Following the visit to the Los Ebanitos community, it will be possible to enjoy a special lunch in the town of Rocafuerte, in the traditional “Los Girasoles” restaurant. The enchantment will not be determined only by the fact of having lunch in this local restaurant but also to pass through this beautiful town known for being the best in the region for the production of sweets.

Manabí is characterized by the elaboration of a great variety of sweets, but the most recognized ones, without a doubt, are those elaborated in Rocafuerte where more than 300 varieties of sweets are prepared.

Rocafuerte is a town that have to be savored.

Wholesale Eco-Friendly Jewelry

After enjoying a leisurely lunch, it is time to return to Manta. We can’t come back without having made a brief stop in the community of Sosote. Although agriculture was the representative activity of the area until a few years ago, craftsmanship is now the center of attention through the development of objects created with tagua and vases produced with terracotta. On both sides of the road the inhabitants of this community sell typical handicrafts of the community where travelers can buy some items and take home a piece of Ecuador.

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