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We are pleased to welcome you with the first of many posts about what to do in Manta and surroundings. As an Ecuadorian tour operator based in Manta, we have plenty to share with you!

For those who enjoy nature and adventure, there is a perfect place just 26 Km. heading south of Manta: the National Wild Life Refuge of Pacoche. The refuge has an area of 13,545 hectares that includes 5,045 hectares of tropical humid forest and tropical dry forest and 8,500 hectares of coastal marine area.

In some point of the road that goes through the refuge, we can find “The Monkey Path”. This path allow us to get into the forest for 1.6 Km. and watch a diversity of species in their natural habitat, where the main stars are the howler monkeys. The path has the particularity of passing through the territories of several groups of howler monkeys, and as this specie is very comfortable with human presence it is easy to find and observe them.

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