Without exception, each year as soon our high season is over. We take a deep look at all our shore excursions and day tours we offer at Manta and surroundings. We do this for the sole purpose of adding extra value to each of our experiences and get ready for next season.

Throughout the years, we have received numerous ideas and feedback from our clients, friends, partners, and from this ever ending self-assessment.

This year we had the honor of being contacted by Margherita Tancini, a master’s degree student from the University Ca’ Foscari of Venecia. Margherita is a brilliant young woman full of ideas and passion for everything she endeavors. She expressed a particular interest in our agency, as is one of the few in town with sustainable tourism values and an experiential tourism offer.

From the first interview, we noticed we were perfectly aligned. After a few conversations and brainstorming sessions, we came up with the plan of bringing to reality the project she was involved.

A new route a new experience starting from the scratch in the off-beaten path community of “Los Ebanitos.”

We were thrilled with the idea and the story behind this beautiful community. Therefore, in May, we went headfirst into the project.

The community of “Los Ebanitos,” a small village in the middle of vast fields of coconut plantation, was one of the most affected by the earthquake that hit the coast of Ecuador in 2016.

Consequently, the renowned Italian NGO CISP focused its resources on various projects in the community, from building new houses for the most exposed members, to the creation of processed coconut products made by the women of the community.

But there’s not that much we can tell about the project as the one behind this wonderful initiative, here are some words from her and pictures of the experience:

Before my time in Ecuador, I never expected to experience self-fulfillment in both a professional and personal capacity. I originally only anticipated working with the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli (CISP) – financed by the European Union (EU) – but in addition, I had the opportunity to meet the Director of the Narwell Tours. This interaction allowed the collaboration between CISP and Narwell Tours on a community-based project aimed at local economic expansion.

This project was based in the rural area of Los Ebanitos, Manabi, for whom the majority of income stems from the coconut trade confined within their community. I was involved in developing the expansion of their local economy, with a focus on improving job opportunities for women in particular. This was of special importance to CISP, as they work closely to improve and equalize the rights of local women in Manabi. In order to achieve this, we set up training to encourage more versatile utilization of the coconut, and also to teach the locals on sustainable tourism, in-keeping with the values of Narwell Tours.

– Margherita Tancini

This new route is brimming with meaning and purpose, we hope you can get to experience this excursion with us and contribute to the development of “Los Ebanitos” community.

The Ecuadorian Community Experience is now available on our website, proving its continued use for the Ecuadorian locals and foreign travelers.

PS: Did we mentioned? Due to her superb venture,  Margherita has obtained the highest grade, and she has graduated with honors, the only one in the class!